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TQMP articles gets live: doi, orcid and Open Science badges.
Message date: 12/09/2016
QMP articles gets live!

Articles published in TQMP are more interactive than ever. First, article are now identified by a unique Digital Object Identifier. Using --the doi provided--, you get an instant access to the journal's web page displaying the article. Second, the orcid identifiers are now provided for the authors. With just a single click to --orcid identifier--, you get an instant access to the researcher's publications. Note that the crossmark hyperlink is not yet active, but shortly, a single click on that logo, and you will find if follow-ups have been published regarding the article. Finally, th Open Science badges are provided if supplementary material or data files accompanies the article. With a single click, you have access to all these new content. TQMP articles are now more interactive than ever.

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