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Computerized Item Modeling Practices using Computer Adaptive Formative Assessment Automatic Item Generation System: A Tutorial

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Doi: 10.20982/tqmp.15.3.p214

Choi, Jaehwa , Zhang, Xinxin
Keywords: Automatic Item Generation; Assessment Engineering; Evidence-centered Design; Digital Assessments; Computer Adaptive Formative Assessments
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This tutorial provides a user-friendly technical document to assist those interested in developing item models using Computer Adaptive Formative Assessment (CAFA) Automatic Item Generation (AIG), which is a specialized web-based system for AIG. The first section of the tutorial introduces AIG theory and background, clarifying its definition, listing its potential advantages, and explaining the underlying philosophy/theory. CAFA AIG system, a web-based system specialized in implementing AIG, is introduced in the second section. The tutorial concludes by providing three computerized item modeling examples to enable readers to understand how AIG can be applied in their own research.

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