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Restoring confidence in psychological science findings: A call for direct replication studies

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Doi: 10.20982/tqmp.10.2.p077

Cousineau, Denis
Keywords: Editorial , category of articles , replication studies
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The Quantitative Methods for Psychology journal begins the publication of replication studies. The replication of a target experiment must be direct (as truthful as possible to the target experiment), performed by independent researchers not involved in the target experiment and have at leastthe same statistical power. The manuscript will beevaluated on these criteria only, not on the result(s) of the replication. A typical manuscript is very short, as the theoretical context just put the target experiment in context, the methodology only highlight the modifications or methodological aspects thatneeded clarifications, the results list the findings, mostly in terms of effect sizes (raw and standardized), and the discussion judges how well the original findings replicated. No extra narrative is needed.

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