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GSD: An SPSS extension command for sub-sampling and bootstrapping datasets

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Doi: 10.20982/tqmp.12.2.p138

Harding, Bradley , Cousineau, Denis
Keywords: statistics teaching; sub-sampling; Bootstrap
Tools: SPSS
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Statistical analyses have grown immensely since the inception of computational methods. However, many quantitative methods classes teach sampling and sub-sampling at a very abstract level despite the fact that, with the faster computers of today, these notions could be demonstrated live to the students. For this reason, we have created a simple extension module for SPSS that can sub-sample and Bootstrap data, GSD (Generator of Sub-sampled Data). In this paper, we describe and show how to use the GSD module as well as provide short descriptions of both the sub-sampling and Bootstrap methods. In addition, as this article aims to inspire instructors to introduce these concepts in their statistics classes of all levels, we provide three short exercises that are ready for curriculum implementation.

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