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Participant Crosstalk: Issues When Using the Mechanical Turk

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Doi: 10.20982/tqmp.13.3.p174

Edlund, John E. , Lange, Kathleene M. , Sevene, Andrea M. , Umansky, Jonathan , Beck, Cassandra D. , Bell, Daniel J.
Keywords: mTurk; Participant Crosstalk
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Past participants often talk about studies to those who have not yet participated (a problem termed participant crosstalk). Despite research exploring this issue in traditional settings, no research has explored crosstalk that occurs in online forums (in this case, related to mTurk). In study one, this research explores the kinds and prevalence of crosstalk in three online forums used by workers from mTurk. In study two, we assessed researchers\IeC {\textquoteright } knowledge and attitudes of this crosstalk. Study three queried mTurk users about their experiences with crosstalk. Study four tested a simple method to attempt to reduce crosstalk on mTurk; this method eliminated crosstalk for this sample. We conclude by discussing the nature of crosstalk in online forums related to mTurk.

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