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Articulatory rehearsal and phonological storage in working memory: A replication of Longoni et al. (1993)

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Doi: 10.20982/tqmp.20.1.r001

Couture, Camille , Veilleux, Charles , Chinhama, Susana , Jacot de Boinod, Olivia , Payment, Britanny , Husereau, Tracy , Ouellette, √Člodie
Keywords: phonological loop replication , word length effect , phonemic similarity , working memory , replicability predicament
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This study sought to replicate Longoni et al.'s (1993) investigation into the multiple subsystems within the phonological loop, originally proposed by Baddeley et al. (1984). To address the replicability crisis in scientific research, this replication maintains similar methodologies but also features a more diverse sample, characterized solely by advanced French proficiency and increased participant numbers. In addition, this study examined various characteristics of the phonological loop, including the phonemic similarity effect, word length effect, presentation conditions, articulatory suppression effect, and irrelevant sounds. However, the articulatory suppression effect, word length effect, presentation speed effect, and delay effect did not replicate. Notably, an interaction emerged between word length and phonemic similarity, indicating a multiplicative relationship rather than an additive one. The present study emphasizes the importance of further exploration into the factors that influence the non-replicated effects, including the discriminant validity of the variables. Future studies could leverage insights from the phonological loop's characteristics to enhance understanding of the working memory system.

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