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Introduction to Anaconda and Python: Installation and setup

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Doi: 10.20982/tqmp.16.5.S003

Rolon-Mérette, Damien , Ross, Matt , Rolon-Mérette, Thaddé , Church, Kinsey
Keywords: Python , Psychology , Installation guide , Anaconda
Tools: Python, Anaconda
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Python has become one of the most popular programming languages for research in the past decade. Its free, open-source nature and vast online community are some of the reasons behind its success. Countless examples of increased research productivity due to Python can be found across a plethora of domains online, including data science, artificial intelligence and scientific research. This tutorial\IeC {\textquoteright }s goal is to help users get started with Python through the installation and setup of the Anaconda software. The goal is to set users on the path toward using the Python language by preparing them to write their first script. This tutorial is divided in the following fashion: a small introduction to Python, how to download the Anaconda software, the different content that comes with the installation, and a simple example related to implementing a Python script.

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