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The Recording and Quantification of Event-Related Potentials: II. Signal Processing and Analysis

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Doi: 10.20982/tqmp.11.2.p098

Tavakoli, Paniz , Campbell, Kenneth
Keywords: Event-related potentials , signal processing , quantification , cognitive processes
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Event-related potentials are an informative method for measuring the extent of information processing in the brain. The voltage deflections in an ERP waveform reflect the processing of sensory information as well as higher-level processing that involves selective attention, memory, semantic comprehension, and other types of cognitive activity. ERPs provide a non-invasive method of studying, with exceptional temporal resolution, cognitive processes in the human brain. ERPs are extracted from scalp-recorded electroencephalography by a series of signal processing steps. The present tutorial will highlight several of the analysis techniques required to obtain event-related potentials. Some methodological issues that may be encountered will also be discussed.

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