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Explanatory IRT Analysis Using the SPIRIT Macro in SPSS

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Doi: 10.20982/tqmp.14.2.p081

DiTrapani, Jack , Rockwood, Nicholas , Jeon, Minjeong
Keywords: Item response theory , 1PL model , generalized linear mixed models , explanatory IRT models , IRTrees
Tools: SPSS
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Item Response Theory (IRT) is a modeling framework that can be applied to a large variety of research questions spanning several disciplines. To make IRT models more accessible for the general researcher, a free tool has been created that can easily conduct one-parameter logistic IRT (1PL) analyses using the convenient point-and-click interface in SPSS without any required downloads or add-ons. This tool, the SPIRIT macro, can fit 1PL models with person and item covariates, DIF analyses, multidimensional models, multigroup models, rating scale models, and several other variations. Example explanatory models are presented with an applied dataset containing responses to an ADHD rating scale. Illustrations of how to fit basic 1PL models as well as two more complicated analyses using SPIRIT are given.

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